About La Raza For Liberation


Founded in 2018, the idea for this organization came from a group of Latinx advocates who felt frustrated by conversations in animal rights spaces that excluded voices and experiences of color, as well as conversations in human rights spaces that excluded the impact of farmed animal exploitation on our health, environment, and spirituality.

Veganism and animal rights are often viewed by communities of color and human justice movements as elitist and irrelevant to our everyday struggles as oppressed people, and while white veganism is harmful, vegans of color view them as a tool to decolonize from the way we think about and treat our planet, its inhabitants, and our own bodies. To learn more about veganism of color, visit www.VeggieMijas.com.

Our mission is to create community spaces, conversations, and projects that challenge us to learn and work together across social justice lines through a decolonial framework. Click below to learn more about our values and our growing team!