What is the Decolonize Un-Conference?


The Decolonize Un-Conference is an opportunity to learn, heal, and cultivate community through acknowledging the personal and local impacts of colonization. This is a radical retreat for activists of color to listen, learn, teach, engage and connect with one another over the course of two days, and bring together new and experienced activists working across human, animal and environmental justice movements. While pushing for policy and structural change is important, the un-conference is a space to push beyond dismantling oppressive systems and imagine alternatives for the present and future of our communities.

Who should apply?


Only people of color can attend this event. White allies are encouraged to support by volunteering and/or making a donation/reparation. All ages and activist experience levels are welcome. We ask that all attendees do their best to attend the entire event on both Saturday & Sunday.

We encourage applications from people who can speak on issues related to Indigeneity, anti-blackness and white fragility within communities of color, internalized racism, dismantling the Latinx identity, connections between land, food, animals, and bodily autonomy, art as activism, healing, spirituality, and community and self-care. Selected speakers will be provided a small honorarium.

Is there a cost?

No, this event is free for all confirmed attendees. We also provide coffee, lunch, snacks, and water to all attendees and speakers on both days. Carpools can also be arranged (please indicate if you need/can provide one on the application below).



This form is to help us better understand your experience and interests in order to create an event that you will both enjoy and learn from. If a conflict arises and you are no longer able to attend, please inform us immediately so that we may open your spot to another person. As mentioned above, priority will be given to those that can attend both days (Saturday & Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm).

We are currently accepting applications for Los Angeles until July 1st.

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