Our Values


We are attentive to the different levels of awareness and access to education within our communities. We believe in respectful, honest, and direct conversations. We are willing to be uncomfortable, and remain open to incorporating new knowledge into our conceptual frameworks. We embrace collaboration and building bridges across “separate” social justice movements.

While we recognize that the terms “Latin/a/o/x” and “Hispanic” are rooted in the colonization of indigenous peoples of the "Americas," not everyone is aware of or familiar with this concept. This is why we use a variety of terms to reach individuals and groups using different self-identifiers and at varying stages in their activism and frameworks.


We reject the idea that all Latinxs look the same, come from the exact same culture, or have the exact same needs and experiences. We are a diverse people, and our work should reflect that.

We not only reject but seek to dismantle white supremacist systems of thought, action, and order. This includes a dedication to fighting the anti-blackness in our own communities of color. Our lighter-skinned family members must recognize their privilege and actively listen and make room for our darker siblings.


It is difficult to dismantle our oppression without addressing the plight of non-human animals, whose very existence is often used as a insult for people of color. If we are to reject the idea that we are animals, “other” and undeserving of moral consideration, then we must reject the very foundation of this idea: that the experiences of non-human animals are also morally irrelevant. This is especially true in a time when their objectification and oppression impacts us directly through physical health and environmental racism.

To explore these concepts further, check out the following resources: